Pastor's Bio

Pastor John E. Owens, II is the founder of Christian Temple Worship Center in Irving, Texas. He has a passion for evangelism and for proclaiming the saving grace of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

He has guided the church through adversity, while maintaining a Christ-centered and relevant focus. He has mentored many in their career pursuits and in their walk with the Lord. He has witnessed numerous conversions in personal and church ministry.

He has a heart for the community, for meeting needs, and for establishing programs that help people to gain positive perspectives and solutions for life.

He is the oldest son of Pastor John and Ruthie Owens. He has benefited from a well-rounded upbringing in Chicago, Illinois. He has a tremendous love for God, which is manifested in his commitment, spiritual insight and love of family. He has advanced in ministry over the years and has gained a solid foundation for helping others.

He has worked faithfully within the Greater Dallas area and served in two major Pentecostal organizations. He has also built a solid secular career in international banking, federal government and city government. He has an undergraduate degree in accounting and religious education and a graduate degree in finance.

He and his wife, Lady Rochelle, have five children, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild.